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Carriage House Consulting LLC was founded in 2003 to provide management consulting
and diligence services to the software, professional services, and retail industries. Our focus:
Helping investors and CEOs drive sales performance.

Clients typically bring one of three situations to the table:

1. Performance is not on plan. Why, and what actions should be taken?
2. Performance is good. Which markets should we tackle next?
3. Investment / acquisition diligence is underway. How sticky is the customer relationship?

Our deep strategy, marketing, operations, and research experience enables us
to efficiently:

  • Identify, size, and segment markets
  • Understand buyer pain and purchase criteria
  • Position companies and products
  • Provide market and sales insight

Our thoughtful, flexible approach has created value in segments as diverse as retail,
cleantech, eCommerce, SaaS and cloud computing, Web infrastructure, process
control, security, online video platforms, and open source.

We drive a structured process that produces strategic recommendations
that are grounded in data, infused with the voice of the customer, and honed for action.

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“Stan and Carriage House have an uncanny way of seeing around corners
for their clients. This is a unique, and very valuable program.”
George Colony, Founder, CEO, and President, Forrester Research, Inc.

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Larry Bohn, General Catalyst
“The Carriage House Way combines real-world industry experience with a unique analytical methodology to nail emerging markets.”

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